“Catholic Sense” is written for the Pittsburgh Catholic and other diocesan newspapers. It appears every other week. The titles are chosen by the editors of the Pittsburgh Catholic. There are now about 120 of them.

1) Boxing With the Naysayers August 3, 2009
An introduction to the column and my own attraction to Christianity.

2) The Imperialist Scientist 14 August 2009
Science has no essential claim to wisdom.

3) Reply to Your Neighborhood Atheist 11 September 2009
What to say when someone tries to use the suffering of children as a reason not to believe in God.

4) Church Criticism: Out of Control 25 September 2009
Newsweek‘s hit job.

5) Scripture, Sacred Tradition Help Lead Us to Salvation 9 October 2009
How to answer the “It’s not in the Bible!” line

6) It Is Too In the Bible 23 October 2009
Protestants believe things that “aren’t in the Bible”

7) The Unspiritual Catholic 6 November 2009
Religion is better for you than spirituality

8) Books to Provide Answers 20 November 2009
Books to read when you’re talking to people who just don’t get it

9) Church’s Role in Public Square 14 December 2009
The magic spell of “Separation of Church and state!”

10) Our God is a Jealous God 18 December 2009
Dan Brown is wrong about the Masons, and religion in general

11) Too Many Pagan Gods 1 January 2010
The pagans would have been happy with fewer gods

12) Defending an “Urban Legend” 15 January 2020
It’s hard to defend a man even when what everyone knows just isn’t true

13) Testimonials to Pius XII 29 January 2010
Nevertheless, we do have convincing witnesses to his charity

14) Searching the Scriptures & Finding the Church 12 February 2010
Protestant criticisms prove the Catholic case

15) What’s Sauce for the Goose 26 February 2010
What to say when nice people tell you you’re an idiot

16) Nature is Just So Natural March 12, 2010
Nature isn’t just cute bunnies and gorgeous sunsets, but hurricanes and cancer

17) Responding to the Annoying March 26, 2010
What to do when your friend just won’t let up