These are the twelve columns written for the Inside Catholic (now Crisiswebsite. The titles are the editors’.

This Old World’s Tawdry Voices September 28, 2008
The world speaks to your children and you can’t always talk over it

Out of Division, A Greater Unity? October 29, 2008
Where the New Anglican friendliness might lead

The Perils of Preaching February 23, 2009
Catholic preaching isn’t as bad as claimed, but it could be better

Fifteen Tips for Better Preaching March 12, 2009
And here’s how it could be better

The Greater Blessings June 22, 2009
The convert often finds that the Catholic Church is just too Catholic

Sharing the Real Mary October 29, 2009
Marian piety is not something added to Evangelical beliefs but a radically different thing altogether