“Literary Witness” was a column written for Lay Witness, the magazine of Catholics United for the Faith. The titles are the magazine’s. Most of the columns include most of the sources in notes at the end, though the notes are of varying degrees of detail. Other articles I’ve written for Lay Witness appear in “Catholic Subjects.”

Faith in Dark Days January/February 2009
What writers like Chesterton, Eliot, Greene, and Lewis offered anxious modern Catholics

Kings in Exile March/April 2009
The cheerful doctrine of original sin

Living in Ordinary Time May/June 2009
The Resurrection explains the apparent inconsistencies of Catholic life

Horrors & Holiness July/August 2009
Moral realism makes you happier

The World’s Last Rationalist September/October 2009
Believers are the real skeptics

Spiritual But Unbelieving November/December 2009
The appeal of the spiritual-ish

Red-Hot Revival  January/February 2010
A compromising faith leads to extinction

Mary’s Pure Realism March/April 2010
We are the kings whose loss of their thrones the Magnificat approves

Sin & the Church May/June 2010
Only one thing makes the Church endurable

Sailing or Sinking July/August 2010
Why men misunderstand the Church

Thought-out Thoughts September/October 2010
Catholic teaching is clear, not “dogmatic”

Dumbing-Down Dogma  November/December 2010
Christianity’s terrifying assertion