Touchstone describes itself as a “Journal of Mere Christianity.” I served as a senior editor and member of the editorial board of the magazine from 1989 to 2003, when I became editor. I served as editor from 2003 and 2008, during which time the magazine won the Associated Church Press’s best journal award all five years we entered.

Bad Books for Kids July/August 2009
What “young adult fiction” really teaches

This essay won the Award of Excellence (first place) in the “personally useful article” section of the Associated Church Press’s 2009 awards. The judge wrote: “A much needed honest commentary, clear, explicit in its compelling thesis. A superb tool for forming the character, life-outlook, and perhaps even the faith of children.”

Leftovers December 2007
A review of Diana Butler Bass’s Christianity for the Rest of Us

This review won the Award of Merit (second place) in the “critical review” section of the Associated Church Press’s 2008 awards. The judge called it “a tough perceptive critique.”

Enchanting Children December 2006 
How to train a child’s imagination better than the world does

Puff the Maverick Dragons September 2006
How the media promotes alternative Christians

Fantasy Islands November 2005
The “Modified Mead Method” for justifying sexual adventures

Paper Tiber June 2005
The ways critics try to take the pope down a peg

The Dust of Adam March 2004
The good news of “Remember, O man, that you are dust, and to dust you shall return”

This essay won the Honorable Mention (third place) for “Best Seasonal Article” in the Associated Church Press’s 2004 awards.

When Jesus Says the Wrong Thing April 2003
Only the words we’ve received say all that must be said

Choosing Love & Making Life January/February 2003
Even the culture of death seeks life

The Snob’s Dogma November 2002
The “modern Christian” assumes he’s right because he’s modern

St. Paul the Eccentric October 2002
You can’t really love Jesus if you don’t listen to St. Paul

Absent Allies April 2002
Five bad excuses conservatives give for compromising

The Writer of Our Story January/February 2002
The workings of Providence in The Lord of the Rings

Barbies & Babies May 2001
The moral insights of the socially marginalized

Close Your Mind October 2000
Being open-minded has its limits

Writing What Your Reader Will Hear September/October 1999
C. S. Lewis’s genius for analogies

To See Truly Through a Glass Darkly July/August 1998
George Orwell & C. S. Lewis on the corruption of language

The Devil is a Good Sociologist Spring 1994
Cultural captivity, left and right

Evading the Creed Summer 1990
The four ways some Christians get around the plain meaning of the Creeds